Photo Recovery from Crashed Hard Drive on Mac Mountain Lion

If you have a PC running the most advanced operating systems i.e. Mac Mountain Lion, you got a big thing to boast about. But at the same time, you should also be prepared for minor and major problems cropping up in such as well. Hard drives are one of the most important physical components of a PC that contains user's as well as system's data and once this component fails, that means you are going to have a hard time indeed.

Worried about my images? Don't have a backup either

For a PC user, every data can be important and hence it is quite natural if you are worried about the same. Recovering images from a broken or non-functional hard drive can really be a mind boggling job that can give you headaches. But as a piece of advise, I would suggest you not to and immediately stop using that non-functional hard drive immediately to avoid further loss and don't worry at all, because you are at the right junction for a solution. So, just stay tuned to know how to recover images from a broken hard drive in Mac Mountain Lion.


First assure if hard drive is really broken

Many user feared of the situation start running here and there and waste a lot of bucks in recovering data and end up at nothing. So the first thing is to know that is the hard drive really damaged. Take out the hard drive from your Mac PC that is idle and then connect it to a well functional Macintosh PC through a Firewire Cable. If the hard drive shows up on the Good working system, then you just need a reinstallation of your drive. Otherwise, the drive has failed.

Most of the people have an opinion that a there is no possibility to restore any images from such conditions and one should let all hopes go. Now, it is important to know that the hard drive in your Mac Mountain Lion might have went either a logical or a physical damage that lead to its failure. If a physical damage has hit your hard drive, then probably you would have to take it to data recovery experts. But in case it is a logical failure, then all you need is a professional picture recovery tool for Mac.

Photo recovery software for Mac is an advanced utility that is powerful but simple and is able to restore deleted images from extremely severe conditions such as this. It is cost effective and totally worth for your money and time. Fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion and previous versions, this recovery tool runs a scan to scourge the broken drive, previews pictures that are recoverable. This includes real images such as jpg, png, bmp, jpeg etc. and raw image formats of digital camera.

Photo recovery software for Mac has various other options as well such as support for multiple digital camera brands, supports recovery from SD card, SDXC card, XD picture card, USB, pen drives etc. very easily. In addition, you can scan a hard drive having capacity as bigger as 2 terabyte as well. What next, just one click to download this tool and restore your images from Mac Mountain Lion hard drive.