How to backup data from locked memory card

Is your memory card locked with password and you can't be able to access the available files and folders that are available on the storage media, and thinking how to backup data from locked memory card, then you are in right place. This is very critical situation for the you, because you can lose all important pictures and other data that are saved on locked device. Password protection is necessary for the storage devices, if you contain sensitive and personal data on that device. But you should remember the password. This is a human mistake, but don't worry, it is possible to recover all data from the locked sd card.


Memory card unlocking is not an easy process and not possible manually, but you can try it through the command prompt. So if you are using windows operating system based computer, then press windows + R button through the keyboard. It opens the run window and then type cmd and then press enter. It opens the command prompt window, then type defrag.exe f: where f is the drive letter path. Now press enter. After executing this command close the command prompt and then try to open the memory card drive. If the problem is not solved through this process, then you have to format your pen drive.

So again open the command prompt by using the above step and then type format drive: /q. This command erases all the data that are stored in the locked storage media. Now you are thinking all data erased, then how to backup data from the locked memory card, then try picture recovery software that is created to recover formatted and deleted data through all types of external storage devices. This tool contains last format records and various features are implemented on picture recovery tool as for example – it provides the selection mode in which it displays the list of all erased data and you can choose only those files that are important for you.