Memory card asking to format, when inserting it on the system

If you are not capable to access the data from the memory card on the system, then the data loss chances will increase. We save important data in the memory card like pictures, videos, documents, etc. These files are so important for every person. When you will insert the media storage in the Laptop or desktop by using the card reader or addapter, then an error message displayed on the screen with a danger sound, that force the user to format the storage device. In this situation the data backup is so important, so you should try to repair the media storage device to keep safe the data. You can use the chkdisk command repair the drive that is possible through using the control panel. So these steps helps you to repair the memory card through the disk utility program.


  • In the first step insert the memory card on the computer and close the error message that is displaying due to the damage card. Note the drive letter and path.
  • Now open command prompt. The commond prompt can be opened by various ways, so press Windows + R key to open run window and type cmd and press enter to open command prompt.
  • When the command prompt window will appears on the screen then type chkdsk volume:/f, and then press Enter. Where f is the drive letter path that you have noted in the first step.
  • After pressing the enter key, the disk checking process starts and it will take some times. When the process will complete then it fix the damage boot and sector.

Now you can open your memory card without getting any error message. If the situation is very serious then it may be, this error message not be fixed by the check disk utility, then you will have to use photo recovery software that is capable to recover data after after memory card formatting, so simply format the storage device and recover data by using photo recovery tool.